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Men We Admire

May-16-2015 Story by Anne Beaty

Photos by Kurtis Kristianson

Airdrie is full of men we admire. You know them – the guy who always shovels the sidewalk of his elderly neighbours; the man who helps out at every event at his children’s school; the gentleman who generously supports needy causes in the community – anonymously; the City utility worker who responds to late-night callouts with a smile on his face; the teacher who touches lives and opens doors; the firefighters, police officers, emergency medical

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Food Truck King

May-10-2015 Story by Jeff MacKinnon

Photos by Sergei Belski

An acquaintance arriving at the coffee shop for his morning mud detours to where Sean Wilkie is sitting to ask him about his new competition. “My new competition?” Wilkie asks. “The perogy truck,” he’s told. “Not exactly competition,” says Wilkie. “They serve perogies and I serve burgers.” And hand-cut french fries, poutine in various styles and chicken to go with his tasty burgers of all varieties. The 34-year-old Airdrie man is in his third season operating

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May-18-2015 Story by Lisa Silva

We’re already headed toward the longest day of the year and should be well on our way to having our containers, gardens and flowerbeds growing.

It’s not too late if you’re just getting started – likely our evenings are just starting to get nice and warm. Such cold-sensitive plants as burgundy-coloured grasses, coleus and New Guinea impatiens will just be starting to feel comfortable at night.

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Airdrie’s BEST Burgers

Story by Corey Wine

Photos by Sergei Belski

Corey Wine tackles his toughest assignment – rating Airdrie’s burger bites.

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Editor’s Note

May-17-2015 Column by Anne Beaty

As I was reading through the stories that make up this issue of airdrielife, it occurred to me yet again just how incredible is this community we call home.

Airdrie is filled with delightful people, all of whom have fascinating stories to tell. We see them in passing as we hurry through the grocery store or the bank or the recycling depot,

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Antarctica Adventure

May-20-2015 Story by Laurie Jacob-Toews

“Why on earth would you want to go there?” This was a common reaction I experienced when telling people of my plan to visit Antarctica, although to be fair, there were others who shared my desire to visit such an intriguing place. I can understand the confusion; why leave Canada in winter to go somewhere potentially colder? However, Antarctica has always held a special place in my heart not only because of the beautiful landscape,

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This Job Really Soars

May-10-2015 Story by Alex Frazer-Harrison

Photos by Carl Patzel

Like many a young boy, Rob Ganzeveld loved playing with model airplanes. Little did he know he’d someday be making a living flying state-of-the-art remote-controlled aircraft in the skies over Alberta. Unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), a.k.a. drones, have arrived on the scene in a big way in recent years. Commercially, their applications seem almost endless, with Amazon recently testing UAVs in B.C. in hopes of using them to deliver packages, and for folks like Ganzeveld,

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Sweet Sounds

May-01-2015 Story by Carl Patzel

Photos by Carl Patzel

Sugar and spice and everything nice. Using a sweet blend of well-known favourites tossed with a couple of originals tunes, All Day Sugar could easily be cause for a few musical cavities. Led by the vigorous, bleach-blond vocalist Sammi Tully, the local musicians have been looking to push the limits of confectionary resonance, hitting notes for their own ears as well as their audiences. “We call that putting some sugar on it. We’ll just ‘sugar

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Hockey Night in Airdrie

May-18-2015 Story by Sherry Shaw-Froggatt

Photos by Sergei Belski

The third annual James Tonk Memorial Street Hockey Tournament took place in the cul-de-sac of Fairways Close just the day after the Amazing Airdrie Women Awards, at which street hockey event organizer Candy Adams was honoured with the Pureform Amazing Courage Award.

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