Can’t Stop the Feeling Airdrie

Jun-16-2016 Story by Sherry Shaw-Froggatt

When Justin Timberlake released the video for Can’t Stop the Feeling, communities across North America got into the feel good vibe of the song and started creating their own versions. At airdrielife we were just as enthralled by these feel-good videos and decided Airdrie needed one too!

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The Last 20lbs Challenge

May-17-2016 Story by Sherry Shaw-Froggatt

Welcome to the 2016 Last 20lbs Fitness Challenge! Contest entry now closed.

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Renos for a Good Cause

May-30-2016 Story by Alex Frazer-Harrison

Photos by Sergei Belski

In the spring issue of airdrielife we shared the story of Addison and Kadence Foley.

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Quinn’s Legacy of Hope Runs On

May-01-2016 Story by Wyatt Tremblay

It takes courage to turn the death of a child into a message of hope, but Quinn’s Legacy Society Run, held for the first time last year on a cool and rainy day in August, is bringing just that to parents who have been affected by the grief and financial stress of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS).

Despite the weather, the race was a festive event marked by a release of red balloons, a BBQ, and more than 200 runners and walkers who raised $25,000 for the SIDS Calgary Society.

This year’s race is shaping up to be even larger.

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The New Burger Baron

May-30-2016 Story by Jeff MacKinnon

Photos by Kristy Reimer

Abe’s creates the fas-cas dining experience. Bernie Levert is accustomed to seeing folks enter Abe’s Restaurant, walk right past the front counter and the giant menu, take a seat at a booth and start tapping on their phones.

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Good Vibrations

May-25-2016 Story by Alex Frazer-Harrison

Photos by Sergei Belski

It’s a well-known fact that noise and vibration go with industry like peanut butter goes with jelly

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