Artist Profile

Aug-25-2015 Story by Ellen Kelly

Photos by Kurtis Kristianson

Originally from Ontario, potter Stacey McIntyre moved to Airdrie seven years ago. McIntyre commutes to Calgary for her day job in advertising but creating beautiful pottery is her passion and salvation. “Advertising is about business so there’s a lot of stress,” she says. “Pottery is my opposite. It’s my escape. It keeps me sane.”

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Growing Canvas

Story by Sherry Shaw-Froggatt

Urban oasis After moving from an amazingly lush but high-maintenance yard in Jensen, Sherry and Grant decided to put in a creative low-maintenance oasis at their new place in Bayside. Carefully chosen trees and shrubs, as well as decorative features and flowering plants, work together to create an oasis in the heart of the city. Floral tapestry Sally loves her flowers and tending to them is a summer hobby at her home in Stonegate. From

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Art You Can Sit On…

Story by Alex Frazer-Harrison

Photos by Kristy Reimer

But First You Need to Bid on It! There aren’t that many pieces of art that you can sit on, but the AIRdirondack chairs that have become a traditional part of ARTember fit the bill. The leadup to the sixth annual Ravenswood AIRdirondack Art Project & Gala places a dozen of the wooden chairs on display around Airdrie, each one meticulously painted by a local artist. On Sept. 12, McArthur Fine Furniture will once again

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Story by Alex Frazer-Harrison

Annual artsfest will open your eyes and ears to the vast amount of talent in our city. New calendars need to be printed in Airdrie, because it’s not September here anymore – it’s ARTember. For the last half-decade, Airdrie residents and local artists have gathered to celebrate the arts in this city, whether through painting elaborate Adirondack – sorry, AIRdirondack – chairs which are auctioned off at a prestigious gala, sharing culinary creativity, performing music

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A Taste of India

Story by Anne Beaty

Ken and Brenda Bax, who moved to Airdrie from Carstairs in 2008, were both infected with the travel bug at an early age. Ken, an oilfield end-of-life environmental and decommissioning program manager, and Brenda, a special needs assistant with preschool children, have been nurturing that bug ever since.

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Innovation begins with a Z

Story by Alex Frazer-Harrison

Photos by Sergei Belski

When Glenn German established ZyTech Building Systems in 1997 on East Lake Way in Airdrie, the construction world was at his feet. The economy was coming back, people were building and it was a perfect time to establish a company devoted to manufacturing trusses and other supplies used in home and building construction.

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Working Outside the Box

Story by Alex Frazer-Harrison

Photos by Sergei Belski

Three businesses born from creativity It takes a lot of creativity to start your own business. You have to think outside of the box – how to promote yourself, how to design a better widget, how to stand out from the crowd. But a large number of start-up businesses in Airdrie are based on creative endeavours to begin with, from web design and photography to an innovative way of delivering retail. airdrielife spoke to three

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