Story by Marisza Zembik

Winter 2023/24

 “Winter has never looked so fabulous!”

My name is Marisza Zembik and I am thrilled to embark on this journey as your new Fashion Stylist, and what better way to start than by unveiling the hottest trends for the winter season of 2023! In collaboration with local businesses and insight from Cream Lingerie and Ziva & Em Boutique, I present to you the ultimate guide to winter fashion that’s not just runway-worthy, but also perfectly attainable for your busy, on-the-go lifestyle.

  1. Wide-Leg Pants:

Let’s begin with a trend that may require a small adjustment for many of us —  wide-leg pants. These chic, comfortable bottoms can instantly elevate your look, especially when paired with a more tailored top. The wide-leg pant exudes a sense of sophistication while maintaining all-day comfort.

  1. Jewel-Toned Colours:

According to the expert team at Cream Lingerie, jewel-toned colours are the talk of the town this season. Thanks to the Barbie movie, we’re seeing a resurgence of vibrant pinks and deep reds. Ziva & Em Boutique has a stunning collection of these hues, as well. But the colour spectrum doesn’t end there; you can also dive into the earthy tones of brown, rust and greens to stay on-trend and warm this winter.

  1. Oversized Scarves:

Winter wouldn’t be complete without cozy accessories. Oversized scarves, with their practicality and style, have emerged as a must-have item to keep you warm in the cold months. A scarf with a pop of pattern can be your statement piece, breaking up the monotony of solid jackets and pants.

  1. Pleather Persistence:

Lynn from Cream Lingerie insists that pleather is here to stay. Mixing and matching different fabrics within your wardrobe is a brilliant way to elevate your outfit. The sleek, leather-like texture adds a contemporary edge to any ensemble and ensures you stand out.

  1. Blazers of All Shapes and Sizes:

Finally, blazers are the epitome of versatility. Ziva & Em Boutique showcases a range of beautiful blazers in trending colours. An oversized blazer is your go-to piece for a more professional appearance. Pair it effortlessly with skirts, jeans or dress pants and you’ll be ready for whatever the day brings.

In a world where we are always on the go, these achievable winter trends offer a perfect blend of fashion and practicality. Embrace the wide-leg pants, indulge in jewel-toned colours, wrap up in oversized scarves, experiment with pleather and top it all off with a stylish blazer. Winter 2023 promises to be a season of sophistication and warmth, and we’re here to ensure you stay fashion-forward every step of the way.

Stay tuned for more style secrets and inspiration in upcoming issues of airdrielife magazine.