A Blossoming Oasis: South Point Village Springs to Life in Airdrie

Story by Chad Sheldon


Photos by Vesta Properties

Spring 2024

Ahhhh, spring! Warm sun, blue sky, fresh air and sprouting from the ground … a transformative new commercial development?

South Point Village, a cutting-edge 50-acre commercial centre, is poised to blossom this spring, bringing with it another wave of new growth in Airdrie.

Nestled south of the new 40th Avenue interchange, west of the QEII and east of the South Point residential community, South Point Village is not merely a commercial complex; it’s a carefully curated space helping drive the evolution of south Airdrie.

When fully built, the development promises 415,000 square feet of mixed-use commercial space featuring shopping, food, professional offices, 15 electric vehicle superchargers and a future auto mall.

Construction on the first district, the Retail Marketplace, is scheduled to begin this spring, bringing a mix of big-brand retailers interwoven with boutique-style local shops. This combination creates a visitor experience that encourages patrons to shop close to home.

The future restaurant alley, a picturesque culinary haven, is sure to become a regular meeting place for residents. Foodies will discover new local haunts among the restaurants, bakeries, breweries and coffee shops. The adjacent urban office district further enriches the diversity of offerings, ensuring that South Point Village caters to all tastes and needs.

“What sets this commercial village apart is its commitment to the natural surroundings and community integration,” says Cody Reimer, Alberta development manager for South Point Village developer Vesta Properties.

“A quaint boardwalk skirting Nose Creek Pond will provide a serene escape, enhanced by e-bike charging stations that encourage active transportation. Pedestrian walkways and bicycle paths will meander throughout the village, facilitating easy access to the South Transit Terminal.”

Designed to reflect the Airdrie One Sustainability Plan, South Point Village harmonizes with the City’s commitment to both environmental preservation and economic growth. As Reimer suggests, it is a thoughtful and holistic approach to urban planning that aims to create a thriving ecosystem where business, nature and community coexist.

With the timing of its construction aligning with the rejuvenating spirit of spring, South Point Village embodies the promise of new life and continued, sustained growth. As the cranes rise and the foundations are laid, I eagerly await a stroll on the boardwalk and exploring this new amenity — another testament to Airdrie’s progress and commitment to creating vibrant community spaces.

Chad Sheldon is economic development officer with Airdrie Economic Development.