The Charm of the Older Communities

Story by Crystal Adamo

Winter 2023/24

When I moved to Airdrie just over 30 years ago, it had less than 17,000 residents and we were told that the land density was approximately four homes per acre. Over the years, the development of the city of Airdrie has boomed, resulting in our land density doubling and every new community has to have some higher-density housing. We see this with the increase of townhouses, attached homes, apartments and detached homes that are being built closer together and with smaller yards.

This is why I love older communities.

When I am working with buyers and listening to their wants and desires, I always get to a point of asking how they feel about looking at homes that may not have all the bling of a newer home, but will have a larger yard, mature trees, larger garages and a wider floor plan, versus the narrower styles so common in newer communities. When we discuss that the older homes are reaching points where owners have renovated them — or are pricing them for a new owner to do the renovations — many buyers will expand their searches to look at them, and many are pleasantly surprised.

There are trade-offs in buying an older home versus a newer one. They may have oak trim, but you can paint over that if you don’t like it. You may find older plumbing lines, but you can get them replaced. You may have older windows, but there are rebate programs to help you change them. What you do get is more space between the homes because the lots are larger, as well as more places to park, lots of mature trees, wider streets, and homes that are just waiting for new families to love them and create new memories inside. And more and more older homes have been fully renovated, so it’s like getting a new home, but in an established community.

Airdrie has great builders who developed many of its older communities and their floor plans were unique prior to the “open concept” trend. I would highly encourage every buyer to not exclude looking in these communities because you may find a treasure waiting for you to enjoy.

But, for those buyers looking for newer homes, Airdrie is growing at record speed with new communities being developed that offer all the modern touches. There really is something for everyone — it just depends on what your family is looking for. So, be open to everything Airdrie has to offer and have fun looking at homes in all our communities.

Airdrie is full of opportunity and I do hope you find a treasure as we have many waiting for you.


Crystal Adamo is a Realtor with Re/Max Rocky View Real Estate