Amanda Ubell doesn’t just take pictures, she creates emotion.

“Every photo should show emotion and evoke some type of feeling from the person seeing it,” says the local photographer, who has been in the field for 12 years.

Ubell specializes in event photography but says her passion reaches many styles and subjects including kids, grads, families, travel, wildlife, landscape and sports.

She entered into the trade in a unique way when she owned an Arabian horse breeding farm in Saskatchewan. She needed good marketing and sales photos of her horses, so she bought a camera. Soon she was taking photos for friends, colleagues and at horse shows.

Rylee Smolarchuk has been learning photography techniques from Ubell and says the photographer devotes so much of her time to making sure she is giving everyone her best work.

“She has spent countless hours with me teaching me new techniques to get the shots I truly want,” says Smolarchuk

“Her dedication to her family and her job have really inspired me to thrive for better in every aspect of my life.”

Ubell says she enjoys passing her knowledge on to others and she often gets as much out of it as they do.

“I love creating and having a vision come to life,” she says.

“I love sharing this love with others and seeing them get as excited as I do.”