Dr. Melanie Beingessner had a mission when she opened Blessingways Family Wellness clinic in Airdrie more than 14 years ago – she wanted to honour pregnant women and empower women of all ages.

“Women are the heart of our community,” says Dr. Melanie, as most people know her. “We put the health and wellness of our partners and family first. So, I want to serve the women who work at Blessingways, and the women who come here for help.”

The team of seven women offers chiropractic and massage therapy to families in Airdrie, along with infant massage and pelvic floor strengthening classes.

During the COVID-19 Pandemic, Blessingways created The Well Mom Network. It’s an online community where moms can connect with local professionals, businesses and resources.

In the last 10 years, Blessingways has also donated $20,000 to the Airdrie Food Bank to help women and their families in need.

They also created a series of ruling principles called the Awesome Mom Manifesto.

“All moms are superheroes,” Beingessner says. “We are not perfect, we make mistakes, we help each other, we care deeply, we celebrate each other and we celebrate ourselves. We live by this and hope the women who come see us feel inspired as well.”