City Council gives green light to new public art at the Airdrie Multi-Use and Library Facility

Summer 2024

On July 2, Council endorsed two recommended artist teams to produce two pieces of public art that will be installed at the new the Airdrie Multi-Use and Library Facility opening in fall next year.

The exterior installation by artists Adrian Stimson and Pierre Poussin, called “From Earth to Sky,” is a concept that honours the rich Indigenous history of the territory, where tipis once stood as symbols of identity for various bands and tribes. The interior installation by artists Caitlind r. c. Brown and Wayne Garrett, called “Landscapes of the Imagination,” are acrylic bubbles in an intricate chandelier format installed at the Atrium captivating within them Airdrie’s landscape, artfully crafted to reflect the favourite stories of library users.

“We are excited to get the production of these art pieces rolling. We went from 96 applicants to four shortlisted artist teams, and then down to two proposals being selected. The public art will contribute to the character of the city by enhancing the quality of public spaces at AMULF,” said Claudia Usuga-Benitez, Project Coordinator for the City’s Community Facilities. “The art pieces are scheduled to be completed by summer next year,” she added.

The Public Art Selection Committee for this project deliberated between four artist teams and their proposals. Comments collected from a public engagement for these proposals was provided to the committee for their deliberations, and ultimately, these two proposals from different artist teams were selected.

The production and installation of these art pieces will be covered through a pre-approved public art budget of $390,000 for the facility. Please visit AIRDRIE.CA/AMULF for more information.