Chas Zahorchak

“I’m feeling motivated and excited to get started with this year’s challenge. I hope to develop the skills and knowledge to positively impact my life beyond the challenge.”

Weight 134.6 lbs
Chest 36″
Upper Ab 32.25″
Belly Button 34.25″
Hips 37.25″

Sylvia White

“I’m very excited to participate! And a little nervous. I can’t wait to get started and go on this adventure! I really want to achieve a more ideal body weight, through learning better eating habits, as well as building a strong and toned body. I want to finally feel comfortable in the skin I’m in, as that has been a lifelong struggle for me.”

Weight 176.2 lbs
Chest 39″
Upper Ab 32.5″
Belly Button 33″
Hips 44″


Sept 24 Update:

What has been the most difficult part of the challenge for you to date?

Chas: The most difficult part for me so far is time management. Carving out time for meal prep and four work out sessions has been challenging to fit in on top of commitments for the kids. Thanks to support from my husband, teammate and family, I have been able to figure it out day by day but some days are more difficult than others. I couldn’t imagine being successful with this challenge if not for my support system as well as the support from my coach at Simply For Life and the amazing coaches as OrangeTheory Airdrie.

Sylvia: I think the most difficult thing for me to date has been getting use to the nutritional piece, I’m eating six times a day where I use to eat two to three times a day. Some days trying to fit it all in is a challenge, because of timing, or from still being full from the last meal or snack. Also  remembering to eat, so many times I have caught myself forgetting to eat my mid-day snack. Before this challenge, I was used to having breakfast/brunch heading out to do daily tasks and then not eating again until dinner, which I guess is not great for my metabolism.


Oct 8 Update:

How has working with a teammate helped you in this challenge?

Chas: Going through the Airdrie lifestyle challenge with a teammate has certainly helped me be accountable to my commitments and it has motivated me to push a little more when we’re at the gym. Also having someone that you can talk to about any personal challenges you are having who’s going through the exact same thing you are has been beneficial.

Sylvia: Working with a teammate has really kept me accountable to myself. We are always checking in with each other, seeing when we can do classes together, or how the last check in went. It’s amazing to having someone with encouraging words helping to push you when you are struggling through a tough part of a work out. It also reassures me when chatting about things to see that many of her struggles are the same as mine. So I know I’m not in this alone.


Oct 21 Update:

What has been your biggest win in the challenge so far?

Chas: My biggest win throughout the challenge so far is seeing consistent weight loss week to week. It’s motivating to see my efforts pay off.

Silvia: The biggest win for me in this challenge so far has been learning it’s OK to put myself first when it comes to setting time aside for self care. As a mom, so much of my daily focus has been on my kids and husband, I have forgotten to take time for myself. I’ve realized that I can step away from everything for an hour and it will all be OK when I return. Over the last number of weeks, my husband has noticed I am happier because I have been taking time to step away to reset and recharge.