Dione Irwin knows what it is like to struggle.

The once single mom of three found it difficult to pay her mortgage, but 10 years ago, she took charge of her life, became a realtor and today owns a successful real estate company with her husband Paul Seib and is now a mom of five.

Irwin’s tenacity has helped her grow her business and she now mentors three agents and three staff members.

Leading by example, Irwin finds joy in helping others succeed.

“I need to share what I have learned to advance in my own life,” she says. “It is so exciting to watch [others] succeed and the stress fall off.”

Tyler Baptist, one of Irwin’s agents, calls her mentor a natural born leader and wonders how she accomplishes so much.

“She has five kids, a hugely successful real estate business, and she still find the time to volunteer and give back to the community,” says Baptist, noting Irwin donates to everything from the food bank to Herons Crossing School and POWER, whose mission is to open a women’s shelter in Airdrie. “For her, real estate is more than buying and selling homes; it is a way to truly help families in Airdrie. With all that she does … I sometimes wonder where she keeps her cape.”