Businesslife with Kent Rupert

Story by Kent Rupert

Winter 2018

Congratulations airdrielife on its 50th issue. Hard to believe Frog Media and Airdrie Economic Development created a partnership 15 years ago to promote and market everything Airdrie has to offer … the beginning of airdrielife 

Like the City of Airdrie, airdrielife certainly has seen major changes over the years and because it has been able to change with the times, it has been recognized as a top-quality publication provincially and nationally. It has been fun to see the magazine evolve from just a few pages into the community pride piece that it is today. As a publication, it has kept up with the trends and changes to ensure that it is always at the top of its game. Did you know originally there were two magazines, AirdrieLIFE and AirdrieWORKS? Frog Media quickly adapted and now promotes Airdrie quality of life and celebrates local businesses all in one magazine. 

We have all heard the saying “Change is the only constant in life.” While I always liked the quote I never really knew who said it, so I changed things up and went to my new information source Alexa. She told me that Heraclitus, the pre-Socractic Greek philosopher, used the phrase to talk about the need to expect change and plan for change in all areas of our lives. airdrielife has certainly done that. 

Change is exciting and is all around us. It is coming at us faster than it has ever before in history. Whether it’s around changes to technology, world population, global economy, politics or even how we communicate, it’s hitting us from all sides. Look at all the ways we give and receive information now. Fifteen years ago there was barely such a thing as social media. Fifteen years ago we received most of our news through print, radio and television. Nowadays we can get all our communications, news, sports and entertainment, and even flight schedules in the palm of our hands. Did you know that the cell phone was first introduced in 1983 and it is estimated that by 2019, 67 per cent of the entire world population will own a cell phone? That will be over five billion cell phones allowing us to connect with each other and to information. This one technology has come so far in just 35 years and now allows us to communicate and share information with others on a scale that wouldn’t have been imaginable previously.  

Despite all this new technology, I personally still enjoy picking up a good book or scrolling through a print copy of airdrielife. It’s still fun to flip the pages and see friends and Airdrie businesses showing us what they love to do best, what their passions are and how the community comes together. That is what makes Airdrie so great. And airdrielife helps us celebrate that greatness. It’s also sometimes nice to just put down the technology and read a good magazine!  

Thank you airdrielife for sharing and celebrating what makes Airdrie such a great place to live.