Story by Christie Moser

Winter 2022

Divorce is a life-changing event, but it doesn’t have to define lives. As with any life transition, divorce can be stressful, but the support of the right professionals can help ensure the process itself is not.

In many divorce proceedings, the process starts with the engagement of an experienced mediator. Mediators are driven by a passion to change the way divorce happens. A good mediation firm often includes financial divorce experts, legal support, parenting coordinators, conflict coaches and more.

However, the best firms also strategically align and connect couples with other professionals to reach the best result for their clients.


Financial advisors, pension experts and business valuators are often engaged at some point in the process. Their advice and support can help clients avoid costly financial oversights and address concerns for financial security. These professionals help their clients feel empowered and in control of their future as they move forward.

Additionally, more times than not there is a need to sell a property and thus separating couples often require the services of dependable real estate professionals, including realtors, home valuators and mortgage brokers.


All separating couples should obtain independent legal advice prior to finalizing their separation agreements. However, divorce can also trigger demand for additional legal services, such as assistance with real estate transactions, wills, business interests and other.


While many people lean on their personal network for emotional support throughout, professional counseling is highly recommended when moving through divorce. Connecting families with strong mental health professionals such as psychologists, family therapists and career coaches can be key for success.


Just like raising a child, it takes a village to move a family through separation and divorce. Having the right team of professionals should be empowering emotionally.


Christie Moser, CPA, CA, is a chartered financial divorce specialist and owner of Fairway Divorce Solutions, with offices in Alberta and British Columbia.