Mayor for a Day winner wants to make biking more safe

Story by Stacie Gaetz


Photos by iStock

A young Airdrie resident wants to help make our city’s streets and sidewalks a safer place for young bike riders.

Arden L., a student in Grade 6, presented her idea to build a ‘safety village,’ where young children can learn about bike safety, to Airdrie City council on June 1.

“There are so many children and families in Airdrie,” she said.

“There are no all-year programs about bike safety for young kids, there is only a one-day-a-year event held at Nose Creek Park. The students don’t have a way to be taught proper bike safety (other than their parents showing them).”

Arden won the 2020 Mayor for a Day Challenge with her safety conscious idea. This year as part of the Mayor for a Day pilot, Grade 6 students learning about local government in school were invited to submit ideas on projects or initiatives they feel would improve the community.

The City of Airdrie and the Airdrie Board of Youth Affairs selected the 2020 Mayor for a Day Challenge winner.

“I want to congratulate all participants in the challenge and a big congratulations to Arden for being selected at the 2020 Mayor for Day challenge winner,” said Mayor Peter Brown.

“We are looking forward to learning more about Arden’s idea and how we can implement it here in Airdrie.”

Arden’s inspiration came from Penticton, BC, where she visited a safety village with her school. She enjoyed her time there and found that it was a “good balance of fun and education.”

“Kids that go there (safety village) get taught about the meanings of different signs on the road, and how to signal to let people know which way they’re going to turn,” Arden added.

“The safety village is a way to save time for parents and help prevent bike accidents.”

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