Airdrie Recycling Depot honoured with Award of Excellence

Story by Stacie Gaetz


Photos by Courtesy of City of Airdrie

The City of Airdrie recycling department was recently presented with the 2021 Collection Site Award of Excellence.

The award was given to the team at the Oct. 4 City council meeting.

“We are excited and so thrilled to be recognized for the service we provide to this great community,” says Shelley Slevinsky, coordinator for the City of Airdrie waste and recycling department.

“The Waste & Recycling Operations Team have worked extremely hard to clean and organize the site, which has led to operational efficiencies and increased safety for the staff and patrons. Organization and process improvements also leads to cleaner more marketable product.”

Alberta Recycling’s Management Authority (ARMA) Collection Site Awards of Excellence were launched in 2008 to annually recognize three registered collection sites in the categories of small, medium and large, based on the populations they serve.

The City’ recycling department won the ARMA Collection Site Award of Excellence in the large category for 2021 for their exceptional dedication to providing collection sites that are organized, convenient and safe for residents to use.

“We are passionate about working together and engaging with our community through education,” says Slevinsky.

The recycling depot team is composed of Team Leader Susan Grimm, Slevinsky and four operation staff.

“Customer service is our No. 1 priority and we have achieved this by making significant improvements to the operations and safety of the facility, while engaging with our patrons in a consistent, professional and friendly manner,” she adds.

The recycling depot team has implemented new processes aimed at improving the customer experience of at the depot including;

  • Reorganizing the product layout at the facility to make it more user friendly
  • Installing larger, more visible signage
  • Supplying carts that residents can utilize for large loads of material
  • Introducing a display board that provides a visual of common items that people think are recycling but are actually garbage

“We educate our patrons by encouraging them to be mindful about what they are recycling and understanding the reasons why some products are not accepted,” says Slevinsky.

“Our friendly operations staff is available to help out with any of your recycling needs.”

For more information on the City of Airdrie Recycling Depot, click here.