Airdrie citywide food drive

Fall 2023

The Airdrie Food Bank, a vital lifeline for our community’s most vulnerable, faces an unprecedented need as shelves lay bare and stockpiles diminish to the lowest levels we have ever seen. As we gear up for The Annual Citywide Food Drive scheduled for September 16, 2023, we find ourselves in a situation with no food available for sorting and cancelling many volunteer shifts in September.

Our shelves are bare of essentials such as soup, baked beans, pancake mix, syrup, Kraft Dinner, side dishes, peanut butter, and jam. These are staples we ensure are included in the hampers we distribute. We have had to allocate funds to bridge the gap in purchasing 15 or more of our most needed items.

The number of people we serve in Airdrie has surged by 55%, with a staggering 44% being children, 12% higher than the national average, underlining the gravity of child hunger within our community. It is a reality that children in our community attend school on an empty stomach, resulting in a negative impact on both their physical and mental health as well as their academic achievements.

September 16, 2023, Citywide Food Drive
This year’s Citywide Food Drive is more critical than ever before. The food drive plays a crucial role in our current and ongoing efforts, offering support through the holidays, winter, and spring and providing essential nourishment to those in need. Our dedicated volunteers carefully build each hamper for families based on their specific needs and circumstances.

What Can I Do?
During the week before the food drive, watch for donation bags delivered to your front door.

Fill your bag with essential non-perishable foods that can be added to a meal or served as standalone nourishment and school-friendly snacks.

Please do not donate expired goods, food past their best before, damaged cans or packages, homemade foods, unsealed or opened items or alcohol.

Consider donating as a one-time donor or a monthly donor, through an easy online form found on our website. Details can be found on the bag tag.

Have your bags ready by the designated time, and volunteers from The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints will be around to collect them on September 16.

If your donation bag has not been picked up, please contact the provided number on the donation slip or drop off your contribution at the food bank or any grocery store donation bin.

Food or Funds?
Over the last year, we have spent:
$36,000 on school-related food for Fuel 4 Kids programs
Over $37,000 on formula for the youngest members of our community
More than $27,000 on ensuring access to milk
And many additional food items

Your valuable financial contributions are instrumental in allowing us to continue providing these critical resources while simultaneously restocking our pantry. With your support, we can secure essential baby items like diapers and wipes, hygiene products, milk, meat, eggs, cheese, and fresh produce for our hampers. Your financial contributions have a significant impact and enable us to use resources efficiently, directly address urgent needs, and ensure a steady supply of staple foods for meals or standalone nourishment.

Your donations go further, leveraging our purchasing power through strategic buying practices. Monthly donations provide stability and reliable support, helping us plan and address ongoing needs. Consider exploring employee matching programs to boost your generosity even more.

Whether you choose to donate food or funds, please know your donation is greatly appreciated and will make a significant impact. The Airdrie Food Bank, a cornerstone of our community, relies on your assistance. Your invaluable support, whether in the form of food donations, financial contributions, or volunteering, can create a remarkable impact in the lives of those who rely on us. Together, we can ensure that no one experiences hunger.

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Christine Taylor
Events, Marketing and Communications Manager
Airdrie Food Bank