Canada’s largest non-profit urban farm moves to Balzac

Story by Stacie Gaetz


Photos by iStock

Canada’s largest non-profit, urban agricultural farm has been relocated to Range Rd293A in Balzac.

Grow Calgary was founded in 2013, is committed to achieving food security through local production and donates all produce to food access charities.

“Due to COVID, many will be left vulnerable to financial hardship, which can lead to difficulty in accessing nutrition,” said Chelsea Klinke, Grow Calgary’s executive director.

“We are thrilled to be sowing our first seeds on new land, and with a whole new staff team. Everyone is bringing creative ideas to the table and working hard to get off the ground.”

Grow Calgary is 100 per cent volunteer run and Klinke and her team are encouraging Airdrie and area residents to contribute to the local community during the COVID-19 crisis by volunteering with the urban farm.

She said positions for this year can be done in person or remotely.

“With social distancing rules in mind, bring your family, friends, and classmates, and spend the summer getting your hands dirty while learning,” she added.

“This is a unique opportunity to contribute towards local charities, learn about sustainable farming, and work towards your personal development as a volunteer all in one go.”

Comprised of partnerships with local Food Access Agencies, such as the Leftovers Foundation and the Calgary Women’s Emergency Center, Grow Calgary works to ensure that the vulnerable have access to healthy produce, while reducing food insecurities.

Over the past seven years, the non-profit has donated to more than 40 food access agencies with 95 per cent of recipients being women and children.

If you are interested in volunteering with Grow Calgary, contact