Ready for a Challenge

The airdrielife fitness challenge is back with three very eager challengers, each with their own hurdles and goals. With the help of Orangetheory Fitness and Simply For Life we are looking forward to their journey to a healthier life. Follow along on our social channels to cheer them on and check in with our contestants in the winter issue! 

Before photos & measurements  


Donna Kitsch

Age: 41 

Height: 5’10” 

Weight: 348 lbs 

Chest: 51.5 

Waist: 50.5 

Hips: 59 

Arms: 20 

Thighs: 32 

Calves: 27 


“I am most looking forward to learning a good balance to succeed to help carry me forward for great success.  I am also looking forward to meeting new people on their own journeys to be inspired through support.”  


Jamie Kelly

Age: 56 

Height: 5’7” 

Weight: 161.2 lbs 

Chest: 41.5 

Waist: 33.5 

Hips: 41 

Arms: 12 

Thighs: 21 

Calves: 14.5 


“I’m looking forward to a different way of eating/meal prep and a new challenge of a workout routine.  I’m also looking forward to keeping myself accountable.” 


Tina Parsons

Age: 46 

Height: 5’7” 

Weight: 279 lbs 

Chest: 46.5 

Waist: 45 

Hips: 58 

Arms: 18 

Thighs: 32 

Calves: 17.5 


 “I am most looking forward to learning how to eat in a way that fuels my body to be at its peak performance, and to stopping the diet mentality and learning how to eat to live instead of living to eat. I’ve lost weight in the past by changing my diet. And I’ve gotten fitter at times with good exercise programs but I’ve never gotten both nutrition and exercise dialed in at the same time. I’m really looking forward to the results that this could produce.”