Varsha Raajesh wants to make a difference in the world.

The Grade 12 student at George McDougall High School is working her way towards becoming a doctor. 

“I believe my main purpose in this world is to make a significant difference. I think being a doctor and the whole healthcare field interests me – especially right now,” Raajesh says.

“I also want to be known as a person in people’s lives who is empowering and someone they can come to and feel included around.”

In 2021, Raajesh was elected student body president with a focus on improving school culture. Her goal was to create an environment filled with positivity and empowerment – especially since the pandemic forced classrooms online for weeks at a time.

Raajesh spent 11 years training as a concert pianist. She previously volunteered for the Calgary Drop-In Centre and is currently a scorekeeper for various sports teams. 

Nominator and sports medicine teacher Tim Masse says Raajesh is an amazing young woman with a promising future.

“She is outgoing and personable. Her academics are a top priority because she has very ambitious plans for her future,” says Masse. 

“She has big plans and big dreams and I am confident she will achieve them.”