Lore Perez makes an impression on people.

In fact, the director of Airdrie Christian Daycare was nominated for the Amazing Mentor Award by seven different people.

“It is an honour to be nominated, it feels good to see that I’m leaving a little bit of me in others,” she says.

“There is only one life, let’s make it significant and have impact.”

She adds that one of her favourite quotes by Katrina Mayer reads, “Let your light shine so brightly that others can see their way out of the dark.”

She has worked at the daycare for almost three years and says the most important part of being a leader is not what you say to others but how well you listen.

“I know there is no easy job and I like to encourage my staff to strive by modelling strategies to them. I also realize that sometimes they just want to be listened to,” says Perez.

Celeste Heerema works for Perez and says she treats her staff like family.

“Lore shows care and compassion with everything she does,” she says.

Perez also volunteers in the community with the Santa Claus Parade, Volunteer Airdrie, AirdrieFEST, Airdrie Children’s Festival, Airdrie Pro Rodeo, Airdrie Festival of Lights and more.

Three years ago, she created the Viva Mexico Festival that celebrates Mexican culture with food truck vendors, music, dance and fun activities. Unfortunately, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the festival could not take place last year but Perez took part in a cultural exhibit during the 2020 ARTember celebrations

“I truly believe Lore deserves this award for the valuable work she does to promote culture and bring our community together,” says Karina Clayton, who also nominated Perez for the award.