Cindy Mayer doesn’t think of herself as amazing at all.

And that’s exactly why she deserves to be recognized for all that she does with no expectation of getting anything in return.

Mayer has lived in Airdrie for 31 years and given back to a number of organizations, including the Rotary Club and volunteering for the food bank for the past decade.

“These two organizations are both non-profit and very community minded,” says Mayer.

“Both, help take care of our citizens in many different ways and makes Airdrie a kinder and more compassionate place to live.”

She maintains that what she does is nothing special and that helping others is just what should be done.

“People helping people is what keeps our community healthy, happy and prosperous,” she adds.

“Everyone should give volunteering a try, it will warm your heart.”

Lori McRitchie, executive director of the Airdrie Food Bank, nominated Mayer for the Amazing Advocate Award.

“She works tirelessly, usually in the background, to make her community a better place,” says McRitchie.

“She is truly deserving of this Amazing Airdrie Women Award.”