According to staff and teachers, Bert Church High School (BCHS) is an amazing place to work and that has never been more evident than over the past nine months.

Staff and students have had to shift to emergency remote learning, to in-person teaching during a pandemic and back to at-home learning.

“There are so many dedicated staff members who consistently go above and beyond for the students and for the community on a regular basis, so you are always wanting to do your best as well,” says Kerri King, the schools’ chemistry teacher for the past five years.

She adds that the best part of working at BCHS is the community.

“It honestly feels like a family. We have so many fun and caring personalities and I feel like I can stop and visit with everyone and have a meaningful connection.”

Judy Sheets is a Red Seal Chef who instructs in the culinary arts kitchen. She has worked at BCHS for 14 years and says that when she was laid off last spring because of the pandemic, it made her truly appreciate how much she loves her job and the support of her co-workers.

“When I was thinking of what job I would want next, I couldn’t get over the fact that working at BCSH, is the job for me,” Sheets says.

The school’s secretary of seven years, Lori Allan says the pandemic has presented challenges but has also created a collaborative nature within the school community.

“Our staff and students have really come together during these difficult times,” she says.

“The shift to online learning has brought on new challenges, but as a team, we have been able to navigate through these changes with a flexible mindset and collaborative spirit.”