Carolyn Geertsen wants everyone who comes to the Airdrie Food Bank to leave feeling better than when they walked in. 

As the Volunteer Manager, Geertsen says that doesn’t just apply to those in need but those who give their time to supporting the organization.

“Volunteering just makes you feel good. If you’re depressed, feeling sad or lonely or whatever, just get out and volunteer because it will make a difference,” says Geertsen

“Doing something for somebody else always  makes you feel better about life and about the world around you taking the focus off your challenges.”

Geertsen has been with the food bank for 11 years, taking some time in Houston to volunteer for homeless organizations. 

“I have struggled, so I just want to make things better for other people,” she says.

Lori McRitchie, Airdrie Food Bank executive director and nominator, says Geertsen’s heart and care for the volunteers she works with is inspirational.

“She works tirelessly recruiting, scheduling, mentoring and supporting the 300-plus volunteers that serve at the food bank….  The care she shows impacts all who share their time and talents to feed our neighbors in need.”