Ally Greentree will greet you with a warm smile and a hug.

As the owner of several small businesses in Airdrie, Greentree knows exactly what it takes to build something from scratch.

In 2014 Greentree reinvented a tradeshow geared towards new and expectant mothers. When that sold, she partnered with the same friend to create Spark & Bloom Co. and developed a yoga program for kids called Wild Mind Kids Yoga as her mission statement is “to be the person I needed when I was younger.”

With more than nine years as an entrepreneur, Greentree loves to focus on supporting the local community.

“Everything that I do is from my heart. I am very much an empath so I’m always thinking how I can impact people especially here in our city.”

Nominator Lynette Bartlett says Greentree’s work to create a community of strong women while boosting local business is inspiring.

“Our very own ‘Support Local’ advocate, with an infectious smile, and a generous heart … she is continually shouting out her peers’ businesses, donating and giving back to the community. A heart of gold, with a side of sass. That’s Ally.”