Sweet Tooth Candy Co. | Fulfilling a family dream

Story by Jim Zang


Photos by Sergei Belski

Summer 2023

The first thing you notice when you walk into the new Sweet Tooth Candy Co. on Kingsview Blvd. is scent of sugary sweetness in the air. The second thing is owner Tim Campbell standing in the open kitchen area, mixing a glass bowl of chocolate by hand.

A wall of hand-made chocolates greet you on one side, with a counter full of cupcakes, cheesecakes and assorted other goodies beckoning on the other. A wide assortment of classic candy favourites brings back fond memories of summers spent walking to the local candy store with friends. There’s even a small room featuring products from a variety of local small businesses.

Sweet Tooth Candy Co. is a true family business in the strictest definition of the term. It all began 29 years ago when Tim’s late wife, Cheryl, started baking and making goodies at home for family and friends. When they moved to Airdrie 13 years ago, it was only natural that they continue to do the same here. Unfortunately, Cheryl passed away from cancer three years ago – but the family dream lives on.

“We are a family business with my six kids involved in the store and now my new partner in life, Kjersti, who takes care of all the paperwork and ordering of stock and helps whenever or wherever she is needed,” says Tim. “Stephanie Campbell is the main baker, Brittany Campbell is the second baker and takes care of the local vendors room, Brandon Campbell is the third baker, Josh and Nicky Campbell are my twins and they run the front-end customer service and all the computer stuff. Timmy Campbell helps out when he can as he works on road construction.”

“It was devastating to all of us when Cheryl passed away, and I almost stopped making goodies. Thank God we pulled together to help each other and keep our dream alive. Now Steph, Brit and Brandon are the amazing bakers who create and add new products! Even the twins are creating new ice cream and cotton candy treats for the customers.”

They use only fresh and natural ingredients in their products, says Tim, and everything is made on-site. In fact, it’s made right before your eyes, with the kitchen and ovens in the back in full-view of the front counter. If you’re looking for gluten-free baking that still tastes good – this is where you’ll find it.

“Our shelves are full and ready to sell each morning and we take orders so you can always get your favorites before we sell out. The business is going great and growing. We are making new products all the time and especially listening to our customers. We’re adding products that they want us to have, like new flavours, gluten friendly and vegan-friendly options. We get compliments daily on how good our goodies are and most of all how friendly and helpful our staff is.

“This business has been a family dream of ours for years. To be able to open it in Airdrie and have all my kids involved means the world to me. The community support has been unreal, with so much love and caring from all over Alberta and beyond. There are no words to descried it,  but thank you from the bottom of my heart.

“I dedicate this dream to my amazing wife, Cheryl, who was our rock and wanted nothing more than to help someone out if needed or see them smile. She raised our amazing children to be what they are today and wanted them to be close and be part of our dream. It’s all finally happened, and now she’s looking down on us from heaven, smiling.”