Airdrie CultureFest

Summer 2024

Airdrie CultureFest

JULY 1, 1 – 6 P.M.

Nose Creek Regional Park, 1691 Main St. S.

Airdrie CultureFest is the city’s first multicultural festival showcasing and celebrating Airdronians from all walks of life. Enjoy live music and cultural performances, beer gardens hosted by Atlas Brewing, delicious food, cultural activities, crafts, demonstrations, workshops, and immerse yourself in Airdrie’s vibrantly diverse communities. Bring your flag and celebrate what makes Airdrie an amazing place to live — you!


CultureFest FAQ:

How did Airdrie CultureFest come to be?

Multiple cultural leaders, organizations and passionate Airdrie community residents approached the City of Airdrie for an event that celebrates and showcases Airdrie’s growing, diverse population. Out of grassroots came the Airdrie CultureFest Planning Committee, a group of individuals with a passion for inclusion, belonging and celebration. Airdrie CultureFest is community-led and community-funded and is the first of what hopes to become an annual event.

What are the guiding principles of CultureFest?

The committee is made up of a diverse group of people and organizations striving towards, and driven by, a passion for Airdrie to be a city where residents have a sense of:

  • Belonging – where you truly feel you fit in and can build meaningful relationships with anyone.
  • Unity – where you are connected and collaborate together towards a(n even) better Airdrie.
  • Interactivity – where we meaningfully engage with one another.
  • Inclusivity – where your differences and similarities are both equally valued and celebrated.
  • Acceptance/Welcoming – where open communication is the norm, and you are embraced as part of the community.
  • Celebration – where everything you are and represent is recognized, and we, as a city, have fun sharing in it with you.

What can visitors expect?

Nose Creek Regional Park will be laid out by continents and regions (Europe, Africa, Asia, North America, South America, Oceania), with vendor booths representing their countries. Visitors will be able to walk the park and journey from country to country, immersed in each culture, touching on all of their senses. From food and decor, to live performances and conversations with others from their homelands and neighbouring countries, visitors to Airdrie CultureFest will ultimately walk away feeling more connected to each other, as well as more welcome and at home in our city.

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