Nose Creek Players behind the curtain

Photos by Sergei Belski

Fall 2023

In the beginning, there was Airdrie Little Theatre. When Airdrie Little Theatre folded, a few core members chose to carry on, and Nose Creek Players was born.

This summer marks the 40th year of live community theatre in Airdrie and, while there might not be a Meryl Streep or Tom Hanks in the bunch, and none of them will ever win an Oscar, but the Nose Creek Players are as fun and talented cast of characters as you’ll find just about anywhere. From organizers; to set and costume design; to the playwrights, directors and actors; everyone has a role to play.

In real life, they’re teachers, grandmas, service industry workers and Reiki Masters, but with Nose Creek Players they get to live the dream. One thing they all have in common: they love how welcoming the group is and the sense of community it gives them.

airdrielife caught up with several members of the troupe on their summer break for a fun photo shoot and to take a sneak peek behind the curtain and get to know some of these folks in real life. Check it out, you might be surprised at who you recognize.

(Left to right)


Name: Justine Madge

Role with NCP: Costumer

Joined NCP: March 2023

Favourite show/role: Alice in Wonderland. There are a lot of really strange characters in the show, so it really pushed my creativity to the max!


Name: Peggy Buzzard

Role with NCP: Actor and Event Coordinator

Joined NCP: 2017

Favourite show: Seussical the Musical

Favourite role: Queen of Hearts in Alice in Wonderland


Name: Brenna Perlinger

Role with NCP: The Cook & Courtier in Alice in Wonderland

Joined NCP: 2023

Favourite show/role:Alice in Wonderland. My only other role ever was the littlest billy goat in my kindergarten production of The Three Billy Goats Gruff.


Name: Karalee Braun

Role with NCP: Secretary, Actress, Producer, Stage Manager, Costume Assistant

Joined NCP; January 2017

Favourite show/role: Charlotte’s Web. I played Templeton the Rat and The Universal Language, where I played Dawn.


Name: Tare Rennebohm

Role with NCP: Educational coordinator, actor

Joined NCP: 2016

Favorite show /role: Seussical the Musical and Horton the Elephant


Name: Mandi Fusaro

Role with NCP: Vice president, actor

Joined NCP: 2015

Favourite show/role: The Pink Unicorn. It was the first time I performed a one woman show.


Name: Giana Chaalan

Role with NCP: Performer

Joined NCP: 2022

Favourite show/role: The Wizard of Oz. I was Miss Gultch and The Wicked Witch of the West.


Name: Kristina Ballmann

Role with NCP: Actor and fan

Joined NCP: 2023

Favourite show/role: I loved being a frog footman and a scary executioner in Alice In Wonderland.


Name: Gary Buzzard

Role with NCP: Actor, director

Joined NCP: 2017.

Favourite show/role: Alice in Wonderland, as director.


Name: Robin McKittrick

Role with NCP: President, director, writer, actor

Joined NCP: 2011

Favourite show/role: It’s impossible to pick a production as a favourite. Each and every show sits in a place of honour in both my mind and heart.


Name: Jamie Derko

Role with NCP: General volunteer

Joined NCP: 2020

Favorite show/role: Being in the Canada Day Parade