Local art shines

Fall 2023

airdrielife is always proud to showcase and support local artists and artisans. Here we introduce you to seven local artists who are honing their craft and passion.

We’ve got more of their work online and links to their social so you can get inspired to fill your life with art!

Afshan Khan is a self-taught artist in love with colours and textures. Inspired by nature, her style is a combination of impressionism  and abstract, working with a palette knife to create textures. INSTA: @artby_afshan


Amy Bouchard is a ceramic artist specializing in contemporary pots that embody elegance and sophistication, seamlessly blending clean lines, minimalism and functional design. Her work combines traditional ceramic techniques with modern sensibilities, resulting in visually striking pieces. INSTA: @one.tree.pottery


Kourtney Hope is a self-taught colour realism artist working in soft pastels. She is an animal lover and advocate, which naturally leads her to paint wildlife and pet portraits. She has been working as a professional artist for three years.


Marni Koelln’s favourite medium to create is soft pastel, with its pure, rich pigments. She also enjoy painting with oils, acrylics and graphite. As well as commissions, hand painted ornaments for animal lovers are just one of the very popular custom products she offers during the busy Christmas season in her studio.


Kelsi Babin began painting with acrylic medium shortly before the pandemic and graduated to using oil paint. As a new mother of “2 under 2 years”, finding time to paint can be a challenging yet necessary means of feeling grounded. With the help of an online art program, she is sharing her painting progress and techniques on social media. INSTA: @kelsi_airdrie_art


Megan Ellahi draws inspiration from the majestic mountains. With acrylics and canvas, her art explores breathtaking landscapes. Amidst a battle with a lung disease necessitating a transplant, painting provides solace from health struggles. A self-taught artist, constantly learning, she rediscovered her childhood passion two years ago, “finding tranquility through my paintbrush.” INSTA: @rose.brushed


Matt Stewart is a traditional artist who uses a variety of mediums. He will switch between black and white ink or graphite to using designer gouache, acrylic paint, oil pencils and markers; it all depends on what he’s feeling like or what the project may ask from him. He says he is influenced by Edward Hopper plus a variety of American comic book artists. Stewart has been fortunate to contribute illustrations to some of his favourite properties in the form of trading cards, including Star Wars, Marvel Comics and MLB.