Patricia Browning

“I am super pumped about participating in this challenge. This will be the kick in the behind that I so desperately need. I hope to not only achieve better health but a better understanding of how I can fuel my body in a way that will make my weight manageable instead of a constant yoyo battle.”

STARTING STATS (as of Aug. 13, 2021)
Weight 261.4 lbs
Chest 45”
Upper Ab 40”
Belly Button 44.5”
Hips 54”

Ryan Browning

“I am excited to do this challenge with my wife, Patricia. We’re both extremely competitive people so we are also in a challenge with each other too. I’m hoping to achieve the means to gain a better lifestyle and hopefully a beach bod so I can take my wife to Mexico to celebrate and show it off.”

Weight 238.8 lbs
Chest 45”
Upper Ab 43.25”
Belly Button 42.5”
Hips 56.25”


Sept 24 Update:

What has been the most difficult part of the challenge for you to date?

Patricia: So far the most difficult challenge for me has been juggling a full-time job, parenting, coaching, playing baseball, the gym, yoga and of course getting my last few golf games in. Thank goodness for meal prepping and help from my amazing and supportive family!

Ryan: My biggest challenge so far was getting into a routine. I’ve been lucky enough to have my best friend scheduling and cooking for me. She’s been a really great support to make this easier on me.


Oct 8 Update:

How has working with a teammate helped you in this challenge?

Patricia: Working with a teammate (my husband) for me has meant having someone to hold me accountable to my nutrition and pushing me closer towards our fitness goals. I was lucky enough to have Ryan beside me as I met a goal in running the one mile benchmark. He was next to me on his treadmill cheering me on, loud and proud. I know it sounds so minimal to most but for me it was a huge achievement, and I got to share that with him. A little friendly competition between each other has also made for a fun experience.

Ryan: Working with my teammate in this challenge has helped me to stay focused and accountable to not only myself but to my wife. We have both worked hard to keep one another motivated through this experience. Patricia understands the struggles I may be facing and vice versa. I feel extremely lucky to have my best friend by my side for this experience.


Oct 21 Update:

What has been your biggest win in the challenge so far?

Patricia: I honestly thought coming into this challenge the biggest win would be strictly about the pounds lost on the scale. For me, I think the biggest win has been the growth I have felt in every aspect of my life. I am more organized, motivated and happy and thankfully less stressed and overwhelmed. I feel like we’re half way through this competition and I am set up for a new change, for life.

Ryan: My biggest win is that I’m doing this journey and transformation with my wife. progressing together with a common goal.