Niki Middleton is focused on going onward and upward no matter what life throws her way. 

The 46-year-old is an international award-winning actress and model, most recently winning the Miss Elegance of the World pageant in the U.K.

She has switched careers four times, and has worked hard to be a mentor to those in the Indigenous community. 

“Since my father passed away when I was seven years old, things changed for me. I was bullied the majority of my life. When I got older, the corporate world bullied me again,” says Middleton.

“I then became this confident and strong person.”

Middleton is an active volunteer in the Airdrie community, giving her time to help animal services, fitness studios and a variety of community services such as Airdrie P.O.W.E.R. 

She also gives her time to mentoring Indigenous girls through the Stardale Women’s Group and driving them to counselling sessions.

Nominator Michael Migliore says Niki has always been determined to accomplish anything she set out to do.

“I have watched her grow her dreams of acting, being a voice for women and a proud advocate for Indigenous people’s prosperity… When you tell Niki that she can’t do something, she will tell you, ‘Really? Watch me,’” says Migliore