Michelle Carre openly admits that as a business owner, she has made many great decisions as well as a few terrible ones.

That’s why she is willing to help other local entrepreneurs navigate the ups and downs of owning a small business in Airdrie and hopefully avoid some of the pitfalls.

“I believe strongly in the value of a community and the best way to build community is to help one another,” she says.

“It’s always a ripple effect too. If I can help one person build a business, they can help many customers with their business.”

Carre, a local Realtor since 2006, was an entrepreneur enrolled in the Airdrie’s SMARTstart program in 2016. After seeing what the program had to offer, she joined as a mentor in 2018.

SMARTstart provides real-world business skills and access to tailor-made advice to increase the chance of new businesses surviving those first crucial years.

Morgan Sylvain, co-owner of Smile & Co. Dental Temping Agency, is currently being mentored by Carre and she says her guidance and support has been more than she could have ever asked for.

“She has inspired new ideas, picked us up when we were defeated and made us laugh on the most stressful of days,” says Sylvain. “She is witty, genuine, positive and basically a breath of fresh air. I cannot think of anyone who would be more deserving of an Amazing Airdrie Women Award.”