Kendra Arnason is not your average teacher.

The learning specialist at Northcott Prairie School goes above and beyond to help children reach their potential.

“She is such a caring, motivational and inspirational mentor and she always takes the time to guide students on the right path,” says Jennifer Grieve, whose Grade 7 daughter was taught by Arnason in Grades 4 and 5 at Herons Crossing.

“I attribute a huge part of my daughter’s and other students’ success to her.”

Arnason says teachers have a lot to learn from children and in giving them voice and choice in their learning, “we build learners who are confident and impactful.”

“I do what I can to create a strong classroom community, built on trust, compassion and kindness,” she says.

“I focus on being a role model for my students and provide a strong example of leadership each day.”

One of the ways she has done this is through Operation Joy in 2017 and 2018 when she and her Grade 5 class at Herons Crossing raised more than $3,000 for Ronald McDonald House.

“It was an incredible experience for our kids; one that I hope they carry with them forever,” she says.