Carmen Vetian says a good employer makes their staff feel like family.

The owner of Carmen A. Vetian Professional Corporation, which offers accounting, tax and financial solutions, says she places high importance on mentoring and empowering her staff to continue to grow in their career, achieve their goals and to celebrate their successes.

“A good employer understands the importance of good work-life balance, which will decrease employee stress,” she adds.

“I ensure my staff enjoy coming to work, feel that they are appreciated and know that I am here to support them in their careers as well. It is my belief that a successful business is the result of the hard work and dedication of the whole team not just the owner.”

She says she supports the team mentality by hosting a weekly potluck lunch, allowing staff to socialize over a home-cooked meal. They also schedule team-building activities to bring colleagues together outside of the office.

“She encourages her staff to be continually learning and has provided opportunities for them to grow,” said Caitlyn Terlesky, Vetian’s employee of four years.

“She goes above and beyond for everyone in her life to ensure that they are taken care of.”