Kate Norris wants to improve financial literacy for everyone.

As founder of First and Main Financial Services, Norris and her team provide holistic, full-service financial planning including life insurance, critical illness, disability, health insurance, group benefits, investments, retirement planning and so much more.

“Our firm’s name came from the simplicity of small-town directions, paired with boutique flair; the bricks symbolizing a step-by-step approach,” says Norris, who has been in the financial industry since 2014.

“There is a need and desire to be educated in financial well-being. We spend a lot of time giving back to the community by providing advice, whether it’s a client, referral, seminar, webinar or [someone] just simply calling in to ask questions.”

As a current director on the board of the Airdrie Chamber of Commerce, Norris also helps businesses flourish in the community and is actively involved in various local charities.

Nominator Kiran Dhaliwal says Norris’ university and certified financial planning (CFP) education, coupled with her hands-on industry experience, positions her as a leader.

“She is a multifaceted entrepreneur significantly shaping Airdrie’s business and community landscape,” says Dhaliwal.

“As a committed financial advisor and visionary entrepreneur, Kate’s dedication to empowering small businesses and families through financial education is exemplary. She knows that it’s critical to the prosperity of the community to increase knowledge to make informed financial decisions.”