Jay Raymundo has lived in Airdrie for 14 years and has owned and operated NRG Fitness Inc since moving here. He is also a part owner of F45 Training Studio in Airdrie and the Strength and Conditioning Coach for the Airdrie Martial Arts Centre.

He says he wants to give back to the city that has helped him, his family and his business grow and thrive for so many years.


Q&A Portion:

  1. Why are you running for office?

The city of Airdrie has done so much for my family and business over the last 14 years and I’ve watched the city grow and develop vibrant communities. I want to be a part of that growth and development by giving back to the city and be a leader for positive change that will benefit the families that call Airdrie home.


  1. How will you help to make Airdrie a better place to live, work and play?

I want my kids to feel safe while giving my family opportunities to maintain a healthy active lifestyle by advocating for more community pathways, bike trails, practice facilities, rec centres and community parks. A healthy community is a happy community. These pathways should allow for greater access to small businesses and amenities to entice entrepreneurs to start businesses that the community can support.


  1. What is the most important issue in this election and how do you plan to address it?

I think that we need a good plan on how to address the increasing population of Airdrie – everything from improved transportation, access to education and assistance for small businesses. I’d like to work with the City council to think outside the box and advocate for programs that will entice more businesses to set up their head office, training facilities and store fronts to help employ the local Airdrie residents. My goal is to work with the City council and collaborate with the community to develop a future that my kids will be proud of and will call Airdrie home for a long time.


  1. How do you plan to be transparent and accountable to your constituents?

As a personal trainer and business owner, I operate with a customer-first focus. By developing rapport and trust with the community, I will operate with the same, customer-first attitude. The best way to do that is by constant and open communication and feedback.


  1. Why should residents vote for you?

I have a Bachelor of Commerce degree, a background in banking and finance, and a lifetime of unique experiences that will enable me to contribute this amazing city. I am a family man and local business owner. I am your neighbour, friend, employer, co-worker, colleague and partner. I am just like you! I understand the needs and challenges of raising a family in Airdrie, and I feel the struggle and demands of a small business. I will make a positive impact to the future of the city of Airdrie.



Your Questions

We asked our readers/followers on social media what they wanted to know from City of Airdrie candidates and came up with three questions.

The answers for each candidate will be listed here and posted to airdrielife‘s social media channels on Sept 22 (question 1), Sept 29 (question 2) and Oct 6 (question 3).

Editor’s Note: The answers below are completely unedited and appear here exactly as they were sent to airdrielife via email.


1. The Truth and Reconciliation Commission of Canada: Calls to Action published 94 “calls to action” urging all levels of government — federal, provincial, territorial and aboriginal — to work together to change policies and programs in a concerted effort to repair the harm caused by residential schools and move forward with reconciliation. Which of the Calls to Action do you believe the City of Airdrie council should focus on?

Sports and Reconciliation

#87 Public education that tells the national story of Aboriginal athletes in history

#89 Action to ensure long-term Aboriginal Athlete development and growth, and continued support for the North American Indigenous Games, including funding for hosting, team preparation and travel

#89 Ensuring that policies to promote physical activity as a fundamental element of health and well-being, reduce barriers to sports participation, increase the pursuit of excellence in sport, and build a capacity in the Canadian Sport system , are inclusive of Aboriginal Peoples.

Growing up, and even as an adult – sports has and continues to be a huge part of my life.  There is no greater gift of hope than having a young child dream about being an athlete in his/her favourite sport.  The ability to look up to an athlete of the same heritage and culture just strengthens that dream and the belief that it is possible.  Sports not only enables the body to become fit and healthy – it also develops leadership skills, it teaches kids about teamwork, sportsmanship and the importance of hard work and practice.  Being part of a team creates a sense of belonging, improves self confidence and a selflessness and accountability of not letting your team down.  These are all important tools to help build a better future.


2. How would you work to improve arts and culture infrastructure and opportunities in the city if you were elected?

As a visible minority that was raised in Canada – the Arts and Culture was one of the greatest educational resources I embraced to learn more about my culture, my heritage and what being Filipino truly means.  As we continue to discuss the Airdrie Downtown Revitalization Plan – I would like to provide the growing diverse communities of Airdrie an opportunity to showcase their own culture through art, music, dance, etc. through an ANNUAL Cultural street festival.  Develop a “Downtown Passport/Global Mall” or Cultural Arts Centre to allow culturally diverse local businesses to operate.


3. What is your vision to help progress Airdrie’s economic growth over the next 10 years?

In 10 years, my daughter will be 24 and my twin boys will be 19 – The Airdrie I envision is one where my children can attend post secondary education right here in Airdrie.  In order to do that, I need the city’s infrastructure to keep up with the population growth – including roads, transit, accessibility, schools, and transportation.   A focus on redeveloping our downtown to welcome local small businesses that can create more local jobs because it is a place Airdronians want to be.  Our downtown business offices will have a campus feel where it can be shared and more affordable.

Our education system will include mentorship programs in science and technology.  Our youth will have access to the Junior Achievement program to inspire them to become entrepreneurs and start local small businesses.  Our sports teams will have greater access to practice facilities, green space, recreation centres and sporting facilities that will be large enough to host National Level Competitions.