Holly Shepherd’s roots run deep in Airdrie. 

Her family has ties to the community since the 1960s. So, when the COVID-19 pandemic hit, she started thinking of ways to continue fostering a sense of community while bolstering local businesses.

“People weren’t travelling so we had this big space that was going unused. We ended up closing down our dog kennel and building a farmers market,” says Shepherd. 

Since then, Homestead Market has become a staple in Airdrie, bringing together local makers, bakers and growers to sell their creations.

“We ended up creating a great place for families to be able to come and enjoy together. Covid has changed our business but it has definitely made it better.” 

Along with her family, Shepherd also runs Peony and Pine Photography Landscapes and Play Unleashed, a private off-leash dog park.

Her husband, Cody Shepherd, says he nominated his wife because of her commitment to family, business and community.

“[Holly] is second to none for how hard she works to make everything around her a better place, not just for herself, but for the community as a whole.”