École Des Petits Amis preschool has been supporting young students socially, academically, creatively and emotionally since 2013.

The school is owned and run by Jackie Astrom and Val Reason who strive every day to be exceptional role models for their students.

“We know the job of raising children is challenging and parents need others to support them so that’s what we do,” says Astrom.

Reason agrees and says, “Ensuring that young girls know that they are not only permitted but well equipped to make their own life-determining decisions is crucial to them growing up into strong, capable women. These are lessons taught from a very young age through play, music, and daily routine.”

The knowledge of women’s contribution to society is an essential element in all children’s educational foundation, adds Reason.

“Today, women hold many indispensable roles in our society,” she says.

“They are high-level government leaders, scientists, business gurus, mathematicians, and administrators. They are also mothers, teachers, sisters, caregivers, providers, and multi-taskers. Women are everywhere and can do everything. École Des Petits Amis values each contribution that all women make to our community as these actions define who and what we are.”