The Airdrie Chamber of Commerce works hard to support local women in business. 

And they start right in their very own office. 

As a team of four women, executive director Marilyne Aalhus says they genuinely care for one another. 

“Our work environment supports the working mom and even grandma who needs to juggle a work-life balance,” says Aalhus.

“We provide flexibility and support for one another and for the many female members that we work with every day.”

The Airdrie Chamber hosts an annual Rural Women in Business Conference in partnership with the Crossfield Chamber. Last year, more than 150 women came together to learn, motivate and champion one another. 

They also host a variety of workshops and events throughout the year to showcase the strength of women in business.

In 2022, they have plans to create a family-friendly event based on feedback from mothers where families can get together to network in the community.

“Not only do we have a strong staff of women in business; we also have an amazing board president and several female directors that are leaders in our community,” says Aalhus.  

“We value all our members and are extremely grateful for the guidance of our female leaders and members.”