Meet our writers and photographers from the summer issue

Charlene and Rafael Codio

We love meeting with and photographing community people and business owners. Airdrie is a very unique, small town and a great place to call home. We loved getting to know Liam and Graham; such talented, responsible young men. Airdrie is truly a city full of young creative artists.


Britton Ledingham, writer and photographer

In a year and a half, Steve Campbell and Ryan Russell have cemented themselves in pop culture as Olly Postanin and Jacob Ardown, the comical hockey duo that live on social media under the banner of On the Bench (OTB). I’m amazed how they rose to the top in the purest way possible. They consistently posted funny, original content, mashed up some skates and the world fell in love. Steve and Ryan say their banter is simply hockey slang, but it’s beyond that. Their unrehearsed, off-the-cuff creativity brings a smile to my face and millions of others. I hope you enjoy getting to learn a bit more about the local boys behind OTB. I know I sure did.

Kristy Reimer, photographer

The SMARTstart photos involved some preplanning this year because they are a combo of photography and artwork. We needed to create poses in the photos that would represent the businesses but also work for the artist too. Since the props were being drawn in later, the photo shoot was like playing charades with fake props and imaginary scenarios! There were quite a few laughs at the ridiculousness of holding up “nothing.” I really enjoyed directing the entrepreneurs and mentors to create these images and I can’t wait to see the photos and artwork by Lia Golemba together in print.

Anthony Sanni, image consultant

Image consulting for the style MANover was a fun and rewarding experience. Clothes have a way of influencing how others see us and, more interestingly, how we see ourselves. The best part of helping men master their image and control the message they are sending through that image is seeing the transformation that happens in a person with something as simple as a wardrobe upgrade. Our winner for this issue is like a brand-new man and I am happy to have been part of his style transformation.

Dawn Smith, writer

Growing up, I spent many hours each summer working in the vegetable garden. Weeding, hoeing, staking and eventually harvesting were important tasks because our family counted on the fruits of our labours to get us through the winter. sI enjoyed the vegetable garden, but my passion was in spending time with my grandmother in her flower garden. It was then that I developed my lifelong passion for gardening and for growing in my knowledge of techniques. This issue, Rosa West, president of the Airdrie Horticultural Society, shared without hesitation her knowledge on maintaining your summer garden. What a pleasure it was for me to sit with her and share about our gardens and lives. Be sure to check out the story; I know you will learn something too.

Mario Toneguzzi, writer

You have to love people who follow their dreams. Successful entrepreneurs are like that. And Ryan Boldt is a sterling example. Admittedly it was scary leaving a full-time job with regular hours and regular pay. But his passion for dogs won out and now he has a thriving business called Awesome Paws – and he couldn’t be happier living the dream.