Editor’s Note – Summer 2018

Well our winter of discontent spread its tentacles way too far into the spring season so I really hope when you pick up this SUMMER issue you are basking in sunshine and double-digit positive temperatures!

We are continuing our summer theme of focusing on men we admire, who inspire and motivate. From the cool factor of our cover story Willy SnYpeS to the soaring charity of the Airdrie Flying Club, and the talent and determination of two young artisans, we have an issue of feel-good stories to share around the patio.

In particular we are delighted to share the story of Steve Campbell and Ryan Russell, a.k.a. Olly Postanin and Jacob Ardown, the viral sensation of On the Bench, who make us laugh and take life a little less seriously.

And on the opposite spectrum are 100 Men who take giving back seriously (albeit while still having fun). Kudos to them for taking the lead and demonstrating the power of community.

The power of community has been felt very strongly in Airdrie since the Humboldt, SK, tragedy in April. We are learning so much about bravery, compassion, strength, kindness and perseverance. While this issue is dedicated to men who inspire, it would have been an obvious lead story to focus on Ryan Straschnitzki. But with our early deadlines we opted to wait. We want more time to take Ryan’s story beyond the crash that changed his life and lives of so many others not only in Airdrie but around the world.

Britton Ledingham is following Ryan’s recovery, the gallant community efforts and the smallest gestures, and we look forward to sharing a very special in-depth feature in our winter issue aptly themed “Heroes.”

Although this issue is dedicated to the men in our world, we do share our celebrations from the eighth annual Amazing Airdrie Women luncheon; as always, it was a very inspiring day.

I lost another great man in my life at the beginning of 2018, my father-in-law Jim, so this issue is dedicated to the great men in all our lives. I leave you with this Walt Whitman quote to reflect on over the summer months: “Produce great men, the rest follows.”