Techlife with Michael Duffy

Many clients express frustration about slow Internet, just to discover there are 10, 20-plus devices connected to their Wi-Fi”


Have you thought about a fall checkup for your technology?


A “security checkup” should cover these five points:

1. Security Software

How are you protecting your Windows/Mac device?


2. Passwords, everyone’s favourite topic….

  • Do you know all of your passwords?
  • Have they been changed in the past six months?
  • Do you have them written down and stored in a safe place in case of a life emergency? Does a partner or family member have access?
  • Do you have a copy in your will?


3. Computer/phone backups

Do you know where they live? Computer experts recommend three copies of your data. This does not include the copy of your files on your computer?

When is the last time you confirmed your backups were working?

Is it file/folder backup or full computer image?

If you use an Apple product, are you using Time Machine?

If your backups are cloud based … how long does it take to download/restore? Is it an acceptable wait time? 12-24 hours; a week?

For local backups, do you have an up-to-date copy locked in a safe offsite place (not your home or your business)?


4. Home/office Wi-Fi

When’s the last time you changed the password? Are you still using the Wi-Fi name and password that is on the sticker of your internet equipment?

Do your friends/family/neighbours all know your Wi-Fi password? Many clients express frustration about slow Internet, just to discover there are 10,20-plus devices connected to their Wi-Fi.

All these devices compete for the Wi-Fi signal coming from your router, including printers, SMART things, security cameras, etc.

Changing your Wi-Fi password every six to 12 months ensure no “mystery” devices are slowing you down or potentially causing a security risk.


5. Travel? Use “Public Wi-Fi”? Are you using a VPN?

Most public Wi-Fi does not require a password, which means your possible data is NOT encrypted. Anyone with the proper tools and knowledge can see what you are doing and websites you are visiting. Do you have ads that follow you that advertise recent items you have been looking at while online shopping?


Michael Duffy is the owner of Nerds on Site for Airdrie


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