IT is not a scary word

In only nine years, the IT Company Ltd. has expanded from humble beginnings to become one of the 50 fastest growing businesses in Alberta.

In that time, the company has been offering IT services and support to businesses in Airdrie and Calgary, as well as working alongside clients to educate them on how technology should be used.

Co-owners, Andrew Bennett and Kelly Paisley, joined forces in 2004 to start up Liquid Matrix, an Internet café in Airdrie, but it wasn’t until four years later that the IT Company took shape.

“When we were doing the Internet café, a lot of people started calling us to help them with computer issues,” says Paisley. “We were doing it for free for a while until some of our clients suggested that maybe they should start paying us.”

In 2008, the IT Company was incorporated, and the duo ran both businesses simultaneously. However, as the demand for an internet café decreased and their newer venture began gaining traction, they decided to close down Liquid Matrix.

“The first three years I don’t really count as much of a growth period for [the IT Company] because it was sort of a side project for us,” says Paisley. “As of 2011, we started making some different decisions with the business and spending some more time growing it. I would say after that point it took about two or three years to recognise some of the fruits of our labours.”

The company has been constantly restructuring and adding services to meet the needs of their clients. As technology is an integral part of any business, the IT Company works to make it more accessible for clients.

“They need to embrace technology as a tool to help them develop their business rather than a necessary evil that they have to use in order to function,” says Paisley.

He adds that their hands on approach with clients sets them apart from other companies.

“IT is not like a kid – you know, some people have the attitude that they should be seen and not heard,” says Paisley. “IT should be directly involved in everything for your business. That’s why we really try and immerse ourselves with their business so that we can be there every step of the way and help achieve what they want by using the services that we provide.”

Earlier this year, the IT Company was recognized by Alberta Venture Magazine as one of the 50 fastest growing companies in the province. The business made #48 on the list based on their growth, past three years of financials, and the services they offer.

“It’s really nice to get some outside validation that you’re doing the right things and you are successful and that you’re growing a good business,” says Paisley. “It was really an honour to receive that, and we certainly want to achieve the list next year and climb our ranking.”

The IT Company is now located in the East Lake Industrial Park, but Paisley thinks back to the beginning when he and Bennett ran the business out of their homes. Now, the IT Company is the largest IT provider in Airdrie. He says he is proud of how far they have come and adds the pair will continue working hard to grow the company.

“Just hard work on its own will get you to a certain point and just being smart will get you to a point but the two together will really help you achieve greater success.”