Motivated Men

Story by Mario Toneguzzi


Photos by Rafael and Charlene Codio

Meet three men with very different reasons for being successful, but all passionate about their career and community


When it comes to the Airdrie residential real estate market, Realtor Trenton Pittner feels he has a distinct advantage.

He was born and raised in Airdrie and has used that reality to his benefit as a long-standing realtor in the community.

“I use that in my pitch when I’m meeting with prospective sellers or even working with buyers. I know the town very well. I still call it a town. There you go. To me, I don’t have to look up what school’s where, what amenities are close, because I know,” he says. “That really helps when I meet with people and have conversations about the community and where to live and where to invest in money.

“I can offer a lot of insider knowledge on that … I know it very well. My wife and I have two kids ourselves, one of which is in school now. It’s certainly a place we want to raise our kids.”

Pittner, with Legacy Real Estate Services, has worked in the city for the past 13 years and has witnessed the boom in the community during that time. He has made a very successful career in encouraging others to live in Airdrie.

He’s also consistently been voted as the city’s best Realtor in recent years, building his business on the pillars of community, integrity and results. He strives to deliver customized real estate solutions unique to the needs of each client.

Pittner’s career as well as his family and volunteer commitments with the hockey program in Airdrie have made him a respected businessman and recognized member of the community.



Kevin Hamilton has successfully followed in his father’s footsteps not only by taking over the Airdrie Registry family business years ago but also in continuing to implement tried and true principles regarding customer relationships.

“Just always treat the customer like they’re number one,” says Hamilton, who was born and raised in Airdrie. “The attitude basically is that the customer is always right.”

Hamilton has been running Airdrie Registry for about 10 years, succeeding his father Hugh, who started the business in 1962 as Hamilton Agencies.

Airdrie Registry is a government registry handling everything from drivers’ licences, vehicle registrations, marriage licences and incorporation services.

Hugh was involved in many aspects of the Airdrie community, such as the Rotary Club, and started up the Airdrie Wildrose Freemason Lodge in 2001. He was also involved with the Airdrie Chamber of Commerce.

Community commitment was something he passed on to his children.

“He was involved with many things. I’m involved with the Lodge and (am) a member of the chamber of commerce,” says Kevin, adding that he learned from his father the importance of being connected with the community.

“Probably No. 1 is giving back to the community, whether it’s the Airdrie Food Bank or anything else.”

Hugh was named the recipient of the 2012 Airdrie Business Leader Award. He passed away two years ago at the age of 85.

With the downturn in the Alberta economy, Kevin says Airdrie Registry has felt the negative impact.

He’s hoping the slow turnaround will be good for the company going forward.

“As the economy starts to grow again we hope our business will grow as well,” says Kevin.



Ryan Boldt took the risky step of opening up his own business just over a year ago and today he couldn’t be happier.

“My main thing is just trying to bring some fun and a sense of humour back to dog ownership. It’s become too serious,” says Boldt, a former landscaper and snow plower, and now owner of Awesome Paws in Airdrie.

“It’s scary leaving a full-time job with regular hours, regular pay,” he says. “I had a good little core group of people to get started. I thought I’ll go for it and see what happens … and it exploded over the past year.

“I can’t believe it; I’m jam-packed full every day,” says Boldt. “I never thought it would take off this quickly and people would respond as they have.”

He says Awesome Paws provides pretty much any service that’s related to dogs.

“I go to people’s homes and let their dog out for potty breaks. I do leashed walks. I pick up dogs and I take them to the dog park to let them play. I have dogs come over and sleep over at my place for people that are looking for an alternative to kennelling,” he explains.

“I’m pretty flexible. I try to provide anything doggie related that anybody might need,” says the 41-year-old.

Boldt, who has had dogs since he was a small child, was encouraged by friends to open up a “doggie” business.

“I love dogs so much … I put it aside saying wouldn’t that be nice, living the dream, and I didn’t think much of it,” he says.

But the call was too great and today he couldn’t be happier for that.