Local trainer releases pandemic fitness book

Story by Stacie Gaetz


Photos by Courtesy of Jay Raymundo

The owner of NRG Fitness Inc. Jay Raymundo wants to help you get physically and mentally fit in the comfort of your own home with his new book.

“With the current state that we are living in – when people’s mental health is struggling, physical health is diminishing, stress levels rising, and access to gyms is limited – I wanted to educate people and give them some tools to empower themselves to adapt and pivot, strengthen their immunity and to not only survive this pandemic but to come out stronger and better,” says the Airdrie resident of 13 years.

Raymundo recently released his self-published book Becoming Your Best Self! Covid 19 Home Workouts – Keep Yourself Superfit Throughout The Pandemic on Amazon.

“This book has workouts that are all-inclusive, meaning whether you are a beginner, a weekend warrior or an elite athlete – the workouts can be scaled, modified or even made more challenging,” he adds.

He says he worked on the book for about 11 months and it contains 19 at-home workouts that provide the reader with the structure, consistency and knowledge to come out of this pandemic better than before it started.

“This book appeals to anyone who wants to change their lives through health and fitness,” says Raymundo.

“For people who want to get started but may need some guidance and direction on what they should be doing.”

The workouts are 30 minutes or less with a mix of HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) and strength and conditioning. All of the work outs require minimal space and minimal equipment.

Raymundo says his experience as owner and head trainer at F45 Airdrie, head strength and conditioning coach at the Airdrie Martial Arts Centre/Bellegarde’s Dragon, and fitness instructor for the City of Airdrie has shown him that in the time of pandemic restrictions, people need the tools to get fit on their own when their usual means of exercise are closed.

“This book will close the gap on the actions missing to not only improve their mental health, reduce stress, build muscle, lose weight, gain energy, but to also strengthen their immune system – which is so important right now,” he says.

“I want people to know that fitness can be a part of your life even way after this pandemic has passed. This can be a new lifestyle for you and fitness can be done anywhere.”

He adds that his No. 1 tip for staying fit during the pandemic is to “take action.”

“Even small steps make a big difference,” he says.

“Ten minutes in the morning, 10 minutes in the afternoon and 10 minutes before dinner – that’s 30 minutes of active living. Consistent action is what builds results and new habits and patterns.”

For more information or to buy the book, click here.