Local farmer makes eating healthy easy

Story by Stacie Gaetz


Photos by iStock

If you had the opportunity to support a local farmer and have healthy, local food delivered right to your doorstep, would you take it?

David and Kirstin Barchard, the owners of Micro Acres, are hoping you will. The local farm that takes pride in growing their microgreens in square feet, not acres is offering customers the chance to take part in a “salad share program” starting in June.

“When you sign up for the Micro Acres salad program, you are buying a share of our farm’s harvest before we grow it, helping us to purchase the materials we need to grow our greens and in exchange you will receive a share of our harvest each week throughout the summer season,” said David.

“We have partnered with several other local companies so you’re not only supporting us, but other local businesses too.”

The Micro Acres salad share features a rotating selection of fresh, nutritious greens to make a week of colourful, flavourful salads.

Each share will include:
• Eight ounces of customized microgreens shoot salad
• One container of rotating selection of specialty microgreens
• Salad dressing at the start of each month, provided by in partnership with Township 27 Inc (a local company that makes spices, rubs and condiments)
• Weekly fresh local veggies
• Lifetime Farm Membership: Your share will also include a 10 per cent discount on any Micro Acres products and subscription.
• Free home delivery in the Airdrie, Calgary and surrounding area on each Monday. All deliveries will be made using safe, no contact delivery practices.

“Not only are you keeping money within the city and helping to keep a small business afloat, buying local also ensures that you are getting the freshest product possible as there are no distributors delaying the time it takes for the food to get to your fridge,” said David, he added all of Micro Acres orders are cut, packaged and delivered the same day ensuring the freshest product possible.
According to David, the salad program early bird pricing is $160/share (valid until May 4). After May 4, the share is $175.
All salad shares begin June 8 and run until July 27. Get in on the program by emailing David at