Indoor activities that will keep your kids busy when cooped up at home

Story by Stacie Gaetz


Photos by iStock

In light of the COVID-19 pandemic, families have been spending much more time at home.

Although the recent warm weather is helping us get outside and be more active, it is spring in Airdrie and we all know that means we are still in for the odd rainy and cold day.

It can be challenging to find indoor activities that will get your children’s bodies moving and keep their minds busy, so they aren’t constantly asking for screen time to entertain them.

Whether you are still trying to work from home, need to get some things done around the house or want to take part in some activities with your kiddos but are running out of ideas, here is our growing list of Boredom Busters that will keep your kids’ minds and bodies active.

We will add a new activity to the list every Monday at 10 am so keep checking in whenever you hear “Mom! I’m bored!”


  • Pillowcase Race – Nothing like a good old-fashioned sack race to get the blood flowing! Bump up the education factor by getting them to race to papers with number, letters or colours written on them.
  • Tape Track – In your largest tile or concrete floored room, put down some painters’ tape as a maze or racetrack. Get them to use their brains by making parking stalls or corners of the maze with letters, numbers or colours in them and telling them to find their way to the number 3 or park the blue car in stall A.
  • Scoop & Strut – Put a ball on spoon, measuring cup or cup and walk, skip, crawl to the other side of the room to place it in the correct colour-coded basket or bowl.
  • Tot Toss – Throw bean bags into bin with corresponding colours, numbers or letters. “Throw a pink bean bag into bin 2!”