airdrielife videographer’s work featured in show on Discovery+

Story by Stacie Gaetz


Photos by Courtesy of Britton Ledingham

airdrielife photographer and videographer Britton Ledingham recently had his work featured on the Discovery+ show Pop My Pet.

Ledingham filmed Dr. Cody Creelman, a local veterinarian with a passion for animal medicine, for the show last October.

According to Discovery+, Pop My Pet is a program that lets you “discover the shock and heart behind vets transforming pets with extreme cases. At Gatorland, Dr. Jackie operates on Predator the alligator. Later, Dr. Grant diagnoses a pup’s melon-sized growth, and Dr. Cody pops an oozing cyst on Archie the cow.”

Ledingham has worked with Creelman in the past and because of the COVID-19 pandemic, Discovery+ was unable to send their own videographers to Canada to film the show. When the vet asked him to take on the job, Ledingham jumped at the chance but didn’t want to get his hopes up.

“The producers always were confident this would get picked up, but I wasn’t holding my breath,” says Ledingham.

“I’ve been keeping my expectations down until I knew it was aired. I really hope it goes to series so we can film more episodes and hopefully Discovery+ will expand into Canada.”

Ledingham says the opportunity to film for a show like this has been a long time coming.

“We’ve talked about this opportunity for five or six years,” he adds.

“Cody’s a talker, dreamer and a doer. This is surreal. The best part was being out on a beautiful fall day and realizing our dream was coming true. We joked about how unlikely it was and really enjoyed the experience.”

Creelman is currently building a new vet clinic in Airdrie called Fen Vet that will be located across from Walmart. The clinic will care for cats and dogs as well as providing vet services to local farm animals. He shares his veterinary story in real-time online by creating entertaining and educational videos of his daily adventures in the field.

The Pop My Pet episode that features Ledingham’s work went live on March 1 on the streaming platform Discovery+ in the U.S.

Ledingham says he does not think viewers in Canada can watch the show yet, but he is hoping to find a way to view it locally.

“People should watch it for some great educational entertainment that includes a local veterinarian filmed by a local videographer,” says Ledingham.

To view the trailer of the show, click here. WARNING: GRAPHIC CONTENT, VIEWER DISCRETION ADVISED.

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