Our City Thrives Thanks to so Many Women in Airdrie

Story by Crystal Adamo

Spring 2024

This issue of airdrielife Magazine is a special one, being the Women’s Issue. As a local businesswoman and the leader of a very strong real estate team here in Airdrie, I am so happy to be a part of this city and connected to so many women who really epitomize the strength of our community.

Being a resident of Airdrie for more than 30 years, I have seen our city grow from 17,000 people with one flashing red light on Main Street and you felt like you knew everyone. Volunteering brought me close to so many residents and I felt that I was impacting our city in many ways. Now Airdrie is a thriving city that has grown exponentially, and it is exciting to see so many women start businesses, either in their homes or in brick-and-mortar storefronts. It has been incredible to have so many amazing women become leaders in the community and drive so many initiatives forward.

It has been an absolute honour to mentor the women on my team and watch them become successful entrepreneurs and true experts in Airdrie real estate. While they have worked hard for their clients, they have supported their families and raised their children. My own children grew up watching me build a successful business, working so diligently and hard in representing our clients, I am proud of what our brand represents in our community.

We have had the pleasure of assisting many women purchase their first homes and expand into investment properties to help build their portfolios, and guide some through divorce sales, estate sales, down-/upsizing and joint ownership. We are the cheerleaders of these women and absolutely love watching what they do in contributing to Airdrie’s growth and nurturing the parts of our community that make Airdrie such a great place to live.

The high demands for home ownership in Airdrie proves how successful our city is. Inventory levels are low and that trend will continue for 2024. Condominiums will continue to show high sale prices as they are what is most affordable for many people. We will continue to be in a seller’s market for quite a while. If the Bank of Canada interest rates drop, as is being predicted by many analysts, we will see Airdrie sales remain strong.

So here is my salute to all the incredible women in our great city that have contributed to its success, who have built great businesses, led so many groups, are raising incredible children, and are part of why we love to call Airdrie our home!

Crystal Adamo is a Realtor with Re/Max Rocky View Real Estate