Garage Doors

Story by Dawn Smith


Photos by Rafael Codio

Fall 2018

“Your garage door is the biggest moving part on your house…. Annual inspection, maintenance and repair will make it last longer.”

If you care about curb appeal, you may want to consider whether your garage doors add the style you want to your home.

Garage doors take up a lot of real estate on the front of a home and provide the opportunity for homeowners to make a statement.

According to Tyler Marriott, owner-operator of Airdrie based Marriott Garage Doors, there is a style to suit every home, from country to modern.

“It’s a good idea to match the window options you have on your house with your garage door,” he says, explaining, for example, if your windows have battens, you may want to make sure your garage door window does too.

“Colour is a big consideration too,” adds Marriott, noting garage doors can come in a variety of colours and materials including wood.

But there are other important considerations when choosing either a new or replacement garage door, says Marriott, who founded Marriott Garage Doors five years ago with his wife Lesley.

Homeowners should be aware that garage doors have different levels and quality of insulation, and Marriott recommends homeowner spend a little more up front.

“It might cost a bit more, but it will pay for itself in saved energy costs,” says Marriott, who has 12 years of experience in the construction industry.

Once your garage door is installed, it is also important to do an annual inspection, checking cables for fraying, rust on springs, weather stripping and the track. The rollers of the door should be lubricated annually.

“Your garage door is the biggest moving part on your house, and it is very heavy,” says Marriott. “Annual inspection, maintenance and repair will make it last longer.”

Proper maintenance and repair can also alleviate safety concerns, says Marriott, explaining garage doors can fail and come slamming to the ground if improperly cared for.

Marriott notes homeowners can inspect and do maintenance on their doors on their own if they are comfortable doing so. Those who need help should choose an experienced, reputable company.

He encourages homeowners to check with the Better Business Bureau and ask for a written warranty on any garage door replacement or installation before committing. He notes companies should stand behind their supplies and workmanship.

“I also recommend you check their experience,” he says. “How long have they been doing this for, and how and where were they trained?”

When possible, Marriott encourages homeowners to choose local companies for repairs or installations; reaching a call centre can be a red flag.

“You want to go with someone who has the experience,” he says. “Don’t be afraid to ask questions before you commit.”