DECOR TRENDS | Five trends when updating your home

Story by Danielle Doetzel

Spring 2024

TREND 1Old-Money Aesthetic: People are increasingly seeking a sense of luxury and nostalgia in their homes, driven by the desire for comfort and a retreat from the fast-paced world.

How to incorporate:

  • Invest in quality antique furniture;
  • Choose rich, warm colours;
  • Incorporate heavy fabrics and textures;
  • Display classic art; and
  • Include detailed woodwork.

TREND 2Romanticism: Romanticism is all about creating a dreamy and whimsical atmosphere. It draws inspiration from past eras and incorporates soft, delicate elements to evoke feelings of nostalgia and romance.

How to Incorporate:

  • Opt for soft, pastel colours;
  • Add floral accents;
  • Include vintage elements;
  • Use soft fabrics; and
  • Incorporate delicate and whimsical elements.

TREND 3Rediscovering the Power of Colour: After years of neutral and monochromatic palettes dominating interior design, colour is making a comeback. Bold and vibrant hues are being embraced to add personality, energy and joy to a space.

How to incorporate:

  • Embrace bold hues;
  • Play with patterns;
  • Paint the whole room;
  • Consider colour psychology; and
  • Think beyond paint.

TREND 4Resurgence of Comfort and Coziness: After the year we’ve had, it’s no surprise that people are looking for ways to make their homes feel more comfortable and cozy. This trend is all about creating a warm and inviting space where you can relax and unwind.

How to Incorporate:

  • Layer various textures;
  • Introduce natural elements;
  • Use warm lighting;
  • Incorporate personal touches; and
  • Create functional spaces.

TREND 5Embracing Personal Style: The trend against trends. With the rise of social media and exposure to diverse design styles, more people are embracing their personal style over following trends.

How to incorporate:

  • Listen to your heart;
  • Mix and match design styles;
  • Create DIY projects;
  • Incorporate hobbies and interests; and
  • Customize furnishings and décor.

Danielle Doetzel is the owner and interior stylist of Boulevard Home Inc.