The Christmas Nisse

Story by Jim Zang

Winter 2022

Imagine living in a world inhabited by Vikings, where elves, fairies and trolls roam the forests and live in people’s homes.

This is the origin of The Christmas Nisse as described by Airdrie author Rikke Melgaard Liffiton in her book of the same name: The Christmas Nisse.

“This is my first book,” says Liffiton, “but hopefully not my last. It has been a labour of love to get here as a first-time author, but I did it!”

The Christmas Nisse is a children’s book, but it is also a family tradition for all ages and cultures for everyone that likes that magical feeling of believing, of love and joy. The book is beautifully illustrated, encouraging readers to engage in the story with questions like: “how many hearts did you find?” and “What is Christmas joy for you and your family?”.

“Growing up in Denmark, we learned the stories and tales behind our culture and traditions, I think this is very important to pass on how we got here.  The Christmas Nisse is a part of my childhood memories and conjures up feelings of ‘hygge’ with family and friends over the Christmas season.  As we were traveling around the world with my husband’s work, I secretly brought our little Nisse door with us in a suitcase and every December 1st the Nisse moved in – which was a big joy for our boys.”

The Christmas Nisse is a simple and magical tradition, celebrating all the love and joy of the holidays. These little busy Christmas helpers live in a magical door that arrives in our homes to collect the Christmas joy they find.  They are all about kindness, love and making Christmas happy memories. On the night before December 1, you pop up the door and then the only thing you have to do is to collect hugs and love.  The Christmas Nisse and his little door is a reminder for us all to take care of our self and each other, slow down and celebrate the simple core values of Christmas.

“The Nisse is 1,000 of years old, and I think he is here to stay for another 1,000!”

The Christmas Nisse is available at Homegrown in Airdrie; at Owl’s Nest and Indigo in Calgary; or direct from the author at