Spring 2024: Locally Made

Spring 2024

This Spring, we showcase the creative ingenuity of eight local makers!

Giselle Perea

Having the love and passion for jewelry-making, I started The Kuwintas Co. with the intention that all my jewelry pieces be unique, memorable and magnificent statement pieces using combined mediums of 14k gold-filled metals, sterling silver, wood and paint. The jewelry pieces include hand-stamped necklaces and statement earrings that are personalized, unique and thoughtfully designed in Airdrie.

Amy Bouchard

Indulge in the charm of my handmade small-batch ceramics, each piece a unique blend of form and function. I specialize in crafting individual custom commissions, complete dish sets, corporate gifts, and wholesale orders, with each item meticulously created by hand. From charming mugs and versatile bowls to stylish planters, the collection caters to a range of needs. Elevate your gifting experience with the timeless allure of artisanal pottery, where thoughtful design meets expert craftsmanship.

Brenda Rockwood

Often, for the ones left behind, there is a hole where loved ones once resided. I create memories. I upcycle old coats, jeans, and other clothing or fabric pieces to make memory bears and other plush toys.  People are not as inclined these days to wear fur coats, so I repurpose them into wonderful little keepsakes that allow others to keep the memories alive and well.

Michelle MacDonald

I am a local fused-glass artisan creating uniquely designed jewelry — pendants and earrings. In 2024, I will be adding to my collection uniquely crafted lanterns and Christmas ornaments. See more at @wildheartfusedglass.

Brittany Keogh

I paint and sell one-of-a-kind mandalas. The act of painting them is a meditative process in itself, but looking at the completed art can also be meditative. The geometric patterns can be spellbinding. Depending on the size, one of my mandala paintings can take up to 30 hours to complete. Instagram – birch.and.pigment

Kaitlyn Mills

I specialize in custom brush calligraphy quotes and vows, painted couple and family watercolour portraits, and seasonal art prints. I also work with weddings and events for day of signage, and paper goods. I offer live guest portrait painting where your guests can be painted on the spot and leave with a personalized one of a kind gift.

Nikita Manning

I create and sell custom wood art from geometric inspirations. I’ve been making original pieces over the past year and plan to start doing pop-ups in and around the community. I hope to create beauty that can be enjoyed by all, while giving a little back to the community with each purchase of my pieces. Instagram: burnt.timber

Chandra Cheri

I sell merchandise complimentary to my music, poetry and art. Included within the expanding list are fragrance-infused cards, seed paper cards, bookmarks, hand-engraved wine glasses, hand-engraved perfume bottles and art. Online: